It is very important that we also have the background information of each student writing for ENODASE. Without this information, the assignments cannot be used for research purposes.

The background questionnaire can be filled in either online or on paper. Some of the information on the students’ language competence is such that the teacher will need to ask the students for the details. It might therefore be a good idea to distribute the paper form in class and have the students fill it in, even if you then submit the information using the online questionnaire.

If the students write the assignments on a computer, you can use the online form to submit them. No scanning or posting required! The text can simply be copied and pasted under the section Content in the form.

If the students write the assignments by hand, you can submit them by 1) posting the original essays to Heli Paulasto, Joensuu, or 2) scanning them (minimum resolution of 300 dpi) and attaching the PDF-files to the questionnaires or 3) scanning and e-mailing them to heli.paulasto (at) In each case, the essay or story should always be sent together with the filled-in questionnaire.

Access to the online questionnaire (link removed)