What do I and my students get in return for contributing to ENODASE?

Overall, the project offers

  • an international collaboration opportunity for English teachers and a means of engaging the students in cross-cultural exchange,

  • the opportunity for teachers and students to participate in a global educational/ research project and become a part of the forthcoming ENODASE online or CD-ROM publication,

  • the opportunity to combine English teaching in a very concrete way to environmental and global education,

  • a certificate of participation for all teachers who submit at least 20 essays, to be attached to your professional portfolio.

Once the compilation of the database from your country is complete, including the possible digitization of hand-written texts, you will of course have access to the database, together with all other data collected in other countries. In future, with the publication of ENODASE, you will have free access to the entire database with the possibility of conducting searches in the data and utilizing it in your teaching. You will naturally be credited for your contribution.