What does joining the project involve?

From a research perspective, it is important that ENODASE consists of data that are comparable across different countries. Although the project is based on the ENO network of schools and its themes, your school does not necessarily have to be a member of ENO: all English teachers are encouraged to participate in the project if they find it of interest and are willing to follow the guidelines.

These are the guidelines for selecting the students for the project:

  • The students should be aged 14-19, because in many countries where English is learned as a second or foreign language, students younger than this are less likely to be able to write longer texts in English.

  • The students should be second or foreign language speakers/learners of English and they should have studied English for at least 4 years. We would also like to encourage countries where students are generally native English speakers (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) to participate.

These are the guidelines for the English teacher:

  • Every teacher's contribution to ENODASE is appreciated and welcome! However, for a representative sample of writing from one country, it would be good to have several teachers and a large number of students involved. The texts need not be written and collected all at once: Involving new teachers and new groups of students at a later stage is possible, too. Please advertise ENODASE to your colleagues!

  • The teacher, together with their students, should fill in a background questionnaire for each student participating in the project. The questionnaire can be filled in either on paper or online. See Questionnaire.

  • The teacher should select a topic for his or her students from the given ENO-themed list and follow the attached instructions carefully. See Topics and instructions.

  • The students should preferably write their assignments in class without any external assistance, but certain exceptions can be made. Ideally, they should write at computers using Notepad or a similar text programme, so that the texts can be copy-pasted directly on the online questionnaire. See Topics and instructions for further details. Writing the assignments on paper and sending or e-mailing them to the University of Eastern Finland is equally possible. Copies of the essays or letters can then be exchanged with students in another country.

All teachers who become involved in the project will be considered research collaborators. For a successful final result, it is very important that they follow all the guidelines on this website.

For instructions on how to join ENODASE, see Contact.