Welcome to the website of the ENO Database of Student English!

The ENODASE project has now finished and essays are no longer expected. This website is archived and no longer updated, but teachers can feel free to use the list of topics in the English teaching.

ENODASE combined the themes of the ENO Programme to English language research and teaching at the (upper) secondary school level. It was run and coordinated by PhD Heli Paulasto of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu, in collaboration with ENO director Mika Vanhanen, and it had three major aims:

1) The collection of the ENO database,
2) The promotion of environmental sustainability and global education,
3) The strengthening of the role of global and environmental education (and the potential of ENO) in the language classroom.

The research project was funded by the Academy of Finland during September 2012–August 2015 (project no. 258999). It was carried out in cooperation with UEF researchers in second language acquisition, environmental education and cultural studies.