The first aim of the project is to collect samples of student writing in English for ENODASE, a database of written English from various countries in the ENO network. As we know, the English language has spread to nearly all corners of the world, becoming an important tool of international communication but also becoming localized by taking on characteristics of local languages and cultures wherever it is spoken. The purpose of the database is to enable research into English language variation and learner English worldwide, as well as to help English teachers understand the variation and the possible difficulties learners experience.

The topics of the written assignments concern the ENO themes of environment, sustainability, and global awareness. The assignments are of different kinds – stories, essays and letters – which the writers can then also exchange with students in other countries for mutual interest and benefit. Note that your school does not have to be a member of the ENO network in order to participate: the invitation is open to all secondary schools. The project is intended to be useful and meaningful to both students and teachers in many ways, as well as of interest to teachers and scholars working in global education. Once enough material has been compiled, ENODASE will be made publicly available, either online or in a CD-ROM format.

As a global virtual school which mainly uses English as its lingua franca, ENO has great potential to be used as a resource in bringing global themes and interaction into the English language classroom. The compilation of ENODASE is a step towards this goal, and a practical means of combining global education and language education. It also presents an opportunity for English teachers from different parts of the world to strengthen their networks by organizing exchange links.